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Live Audio Production offer packaged PA system & lighting solutions for your festival stage. Our system packages are best suited to small scale stages, hospitality areas and festival bars, especially where you are looking at an unusual conifguration.We can offer these for live band and DJ setups. We can also offer stage & effect lighting options, as well as crew & techs to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the event.

2015 saw LAP provide the PA system for the Glastobury Bandstand stage for the first time. The stage demanded an innovative solution, as the main system is housed under the stage itself, and a 360 degree sound coverage was required. Using a combination of d&b Q series, & E series speakers, we achieved a massive improvement in the sound quality from previous years.

Glastonbury Bandstand

Live Band PA system

From Jacks Festival

Our systems use d&b Audiotechnik Q-series speakers, which virtually guarantee the best sound in any situation.


 Our prices are on a ‘per event basis’, and include setup & de-rig

System Description Price 
Large FoH Set (Ground Stacked Array) 4x Q1, 2x Q7, 6x Qsub, 3x D12 Amps + cabling & fixings £920.00
Medium FoH Set (Point Source) 2x Q7, 2x Qsubs, 1x D12 Amp + cabling & rigging £280.00
Digital Live Stage Package Soundcraft Si Performer3 (32Ch), Stagebox & Multicore, 5way monitor system (inc top/sub drumfill), Set of Mics/DIs/Stands/Cables £890.00
Analogue Live Stage Package Allen & Heath Mixwizard (16Ch), dbx Outboard set, 4way monitor system, Set of Mics/DIs/Stands/Cables £500.00
DJ Package 1x Pioneer DJM800, 2x Pioneer CDJ900, 2x Technic1210s, 2x DJ monitors £400.00
Stage Light Set 6x 650W Fresnels, 8x Quad LED Parcans, Dimmer Pack, DMX Control £500.00
Effects Light Set 2x Martin EFX500, 2x Scanners, Smoke Machine, DMX Control £200.00
Sound Engineer (Maximum 4 days charged) £175 per day
On Site Tech £100 per day
Delivery & Collection (All excluding Large FoH Set) £100
Delivery & Collection With Large FoH Set £150